About the Author

A dragon-like raven lived inside my mind. I set him free and now he will scatter my thoughts everywhere in form of little Ravenscales.

Lagoon Arîs
  • Born Dec 2nd 1994 | f | German
  • Trainee for wholesale and foreign trade
  • German | English | Japanese (still learning)
  • Writing | Drawing | Gaming | Cosplay | AniManga | DIY
Her History

I have written short stories ever since elementary school. I started writing fan fictions in eighth grade, mainly to One Piece (pre Water Seven arc) and Katekyou Hitman Reborn. I also started writing longer stories and novels at the same time but never finished any of it. (Shame to her!)
I’m still dreaming about putting myself out there and sharing my worlds and ideas with people. After a long break from writing due to university and work, I have decided to pick up a pen again. Even if it’s only mere scribbles, I want to share my creativity somewhere, so welcome to my little world.

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