What a beautiful world lay upon my eyes. I saw it the first time and immediately fell in love. It was exactly then, that I knew, that I would never leave this place again. It was fine though, for I finally found home.

The Golden Lady

Jowah is hard to describe. It is non-existing but reality at the same time. It is a world only existent for me and even though it may be just a fantasy, it is my anchor to reality.

The real world and the many interactions necessary to get through daily life cost a lot of energy. It is exhausting to be around people, to concentrate on everything and everyone around me. I don’t remember when it started. Whenever I couldn’t deal with the real world any more, my thoughts drifted away to another realm. A world just for me. A world where everything could happen or nothing.

For years that world didn’t have a name. Then suddenly it had. I can’t remember how the name “Jowah” came into existence. However, it is the name for my mind. A universe full with magic, fabulous creatures, gods and much more. Whenever I need a time-out, I drift away into Jowah and I see what the people there are doing.

I could fill a whole wikia about the timeline, the key figures, the family trees, the lore… But I won’t. Jowah is my treasure. However, from time to time, I will write scrabbles. And those scribbles will remind me of characters in Jowah. Or of places or events. Only then will I quote them to it. Will I ever say more about the characters? Especially the Golden Lady? Maybe, maybe not. I will let fate decided that for me.