Life is exhausting and that is fine because it means, that you are alive.
You’re experiencing this exhaustion because you are living.
You did something that needed energy and you pulled through ’til the end to notice that you are tired.
Now turn around, look behind you and see what you did and be happy that you were able to do it!
Cause that is life and it is precious, so appreciate it, because once your time is up… there will only be me to appreciate it.

Lady Death

I know, it isn’t easy to listen to me and to understand what I’m saying.
You really need to understand though, because if you don’t, it could have terrible consequences.
You may be a prisoner but you aren’t locked inside a black box with a few breathing holes inside, no, you are locked in a golden cage and once you open your eyes, you will be able to see the shiny bars far far away.
You will see the bright sun, you will breathe the fresh air, you will feel the wind and you will hear the souls around you, only to realize that you are not the sole prisoner in this cage.
That, my dear, is life itself: Everything alive, breathing, living inside this cage called Earth and there is so much to explore in this very cage, so cherish this certainty, that you were given the chance to experience it all.

The Golden Lady